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Coping with Chronic Pain

When you start embracing your pain and stop trying to ignore it, that’s when you truly begin to heal! Get started with the 5 steps I’ve outlined in this article published on the MindBodyGreen website – click on the title below to check it out! The... read more...

Holistic Healing for Chronic Pain

Find your path to healing and managing chronic pain. We’ve all experienced pain to some extent during our lives. Mostly the cycle of pain follows a straightforward pattern: we get injured, we’re in pain for a while, the injury heals, then the pain goes away. What... read more...

Resilient Feet for Better Health

Resilient Body Series – Part 3 Foot pain is bad news!  Depending on the severity and the underlying cause, the pain can range from mild discomfort to absolutely debilitating.  Sometimes injuries happen and pain is unavoidable.  But for a lot people, myself included,... read more...

Posture Variety for Your Workday

Resilient Body Series – Part 2 For a healthy body that moves with ease, a variety of movement and activity is essential.  And variety during resting and static postures is equally important.  Move your body in all planes of motion throughout the day – front to... read more...

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