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Tips for a Better Treadmill Workout

  When the weather or short daylight hours keeps you indoors for your run or walk, make the most of the treadmill with the following tips. These suggestions will help your body adapt to the surface change so you get the best possible workout. 1. Make the switch from... read more...

Move Your Fascia to Restore Your Body

  You stretch and stretch, and then do more stretching, but still feel tight? When it comes to relieving tired, stiff and achy muscles, traditional stretching might not be the best solution for lasting results. So, if you often feel tight no matter how much you... read more...

Get Moving and Let Your True Self Flow

  This post is part of the Empowering the Goddess Within Blog Tour hosted by! To read more entries and potentially win a fun prize, visit the tour page HERE, between September 9th and September 19th!     How you move is a big part of who you are... read more...

Coping with Chronic Pain

When you start embracing your pain and stop trying to ignore it, that’s when you truly begin to heal! Get started with the 5 steps I’ve outlined in this article published on the MindBodyGreen website – click on the title below to check it out! The... read more...

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