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Effective pain relief through Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is so effective because it gets to the cause of your issues as well as alleviating your symptoms.  Whether your pain has developed from past injuries, surgeries, trauma, postural habits or tension and stress, it can be treated effectively by reducing restrictions and bracing patterns throughout your body.  Myofascial Release generates a healthy energy flow throughout the body and creates an authentic sense of well-being.

What is Myofascial Release?

Jen provided MFR treatmentThe Myofascial Release approach used during treatment sessions has been developed by John F. Barnes, PT. This treatment eliminates restrictions in the fascia which may be causing pain, muscle tension and dysfunctional movement. To obtain a lasting release of the affected tissue, a gentle and sustained pressure is applied over areas of fascial restrictions. The fascia will undergo changes in length and hydration allowing for an initial release to be felt. The tissue becomes more flexible and pliable which will reduce tension on pain sensitive structures and create optimal funtioning and balance throughout all of the body’s systems.


What is Fascia?

Fascia is flexible, three-dimensional connective tissue that is everywhere within the body. It surrounds and interconnects your muscles, bones, brain, spinal cord, nerves, blood vessels, organs – every cell within the body is connected by fascia. It is the network of webbing material that is the energy and information system of the body. Fascia also contributes to efficient, flexible movement by providing structure and support within the body. You can find some amazing images and video of fascia at this site:

Why do restrictions occur?

Body tissues can become tight or disrupted due to injury, inflammation, overuse, poor posture, inactivity, faulty movement or any other cause of abnormal stress upon the body. Restricted fascia can lead to pain and decreased function in the same area as the restriction or it may lead to symptoms in a seemingly unrelated area of the body. Through the fascial web, tightness and pain in your calf may be related to tissue restrictions around your shoulder. The restrictions in that region can cause imbalances and postural changes causing altered movement patterns that lead to pain elsewhere in your body. Fascial restrictions cannot be seen through diagnostic imaging such as MRI, ultrasound or x-ray; they can only be felt through hands-on assessment of the soft tissue and related structures.


Conditions Treated

The following are some of the more commonly seen conditions that can be successfully treated through Myofascial Release.

Headaches/neck pain
Back pain
Plantar Fasciitis
ITB pain
Running/sports injuries
Post-op rehabilitation/edema control
Sprains and strains
Scar tissue release
TMJ pain/dysfunction


What to expect during a session

We begin with a review of your medical history and goals for treatment. Posture, body alignment, flexibility and quality of movement will all be assessed. Tissue restrictions will be assessed using a hands-on approach and Myofascial Release treatment will then focus on these areas to reduce your symptoms. Exercises, stretches and self-release techniques for you to perform at home may also be provided in order to maximize the benefits of your treatment. At this time, we will discuss the best plan of care for you based on your needs and goals.



Facilitating Change with Myofascial System, by Mark F. Barnes, MPT

Myofascial Treatment Proves Beneficial In Acute and Sports Medicine Settings, by John Murphy

To learn more about John F. Barnes and his Myofascial Release approach, please visit his website at

Restore Your Fascia

Restore Your Fascia


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