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Change your Body with Pilates

Pilates exercise builds a solid foundation of strength, control and flexibility throughout your body. The mind and body must work together to create changes that improve fitness. The Pilates method emphasizes quality of movement to create power through your core and length through your spine. Your muscles will have more elasticity and your joints will function with more fluidity. Integrating breathing with movement is a key principle of the Pilates method and will help you achieve better body awareness. Through Pilates, you will be stronger, more flexible, notice improved posture and ease of movement. The effects can truly improve your quality of life.

Benefits of a regular movement practice

The Pilates method places an emphasis on developing strength from your core to create more efficient movement throughout the rest of your body. Pilates will create uniform, whole body strength, reduce chronic pain, increase energy levels and instill a sense of confidence and well-being. With consistent practice, you will begin to incorporate the Pilates principles into life’s everyday activities. As movement then becomes easier – you will have more energy and feel more enjoyment in all that you do.

Pilates session at a glance

Private sessions start with becoming familiar with the equipment and with an introduction to important skills and concepts in a way that is tailored to you. This will ensure you receive the all benefits Pilates has to offer.  If you are new to Pilates (regardless of fitness level), we are going to start by learning the principles and foundational movements.  I will guide your movement and alignment with detailed instruction throughout your workout. Learning Pilates is both fun and challenging at the same time! We play and practice to learn the exercises in a way that works for your individual body.

Pilates is for everyone

All ages, all abilities, all fitness levels! I will work with you to create a plan to meet your individual goals. With one-on-one attention in a safe and friendly studio, Pilates at Core Connection is perfect for those new to exercise, or looking to get back into shape or for those with special health concerns that require the guidance of a knowledgeable healthcare provider.


Restore Your Fascia

Restore Your Fascia


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