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Back pain relief

Many people experience back pain at some point in life

As we go about our day, external forces act to compress our spines. Gravity, poor posture, work, sports, even exercises that are supposed to alleviate back pain, all can create stress through the spine that may lead to pain and injury. Over time, that stress can cause you to change your posture and movement patterns, which will cause muscle imbalances and restrictions – all leading to increased pain. Myofascial Release is the most effective treatment for addressing tissue restrictions and restoring mobility through the fascia. However, that is only the first step in healing back pain. Postural correction and balanced movement training will keep pain away by creating a strong inner core that can support your body and all that you ask of it.


Relieve back pain with Pilates movement training

Correctly performed Pilates exercises can do much to reverse those compressive forces and help you create more length in your spine and space between your vertebrae. Core strength and control is the main principle of the Pilates method. The exercises work your core at the deepest level and in all planes of motion in order to develop endurance that will support your daily activities. Once you have developed the core strength needed to control spinal movement, exercises that develop spinal elongation and body awareness will improve your posture during all of your activities. With a strong center and stable spine, forces acting upon our bodies are more evenly distributed and back pain will likely be reduced or eliminated completely.


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Nourish and Heal Your Body

Nourish and Heal Your Body


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