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Are you fed up with accepting your pain or trying to ignore it?

Or maybe you feel stiff and achy most of the time?

Have you stopped doing what you love because you’re too miserable?


If any of this sounds familiar, read on to learn why Myofascial Therapy

may be exactly what you need to finally heal and get better!


Myofascial Release Therapy


A holistic therapeutic approach for effective and lasting pain relief. Find authentic healing to restore your body to a more aligned and balanced state.

Pilates Mind-Body Movement


Move with more ease and less pain by developing strength and resilience throughout your body. Pilates movement training will renew and nourish your body.

Essential Movement Videos


Self-care is essential for keeping your body healthy and happy. These videos give you solutions for some common problem areas that many struggle with.


“Get back to living life the way you want.”  


Get your FREE guide to Restore Your Fascia from Head to Toe

A few facts about fascia …

  • Fascia influences the quality of our movement much more than our muscles alone.
  • Fascia plays a large role in how our nerve cells communicate to control movement.
  • Fascia has unique properties that require a specialized approach to training, recovery and therapy.


Maintaining your myofascial health is essential for a body that’s mobile and resilient. In this guide, I’m sharing restorative ways to relieve tension throughout your whole body. You’ll learn effective self-care techniques necessary for supporting healthy fascia and sustaining a body that moves with ease. 

Start moving better and feeling better today!

Healing through Myofascial Therapy and Movement!

Core Connection is a specialized studio located in the heart of Gilbert, Arizona offering Holistic Physical Therapy – blending Myofascial Release Therapy and Pilates for effective, whole-body healing. Discover joy in movement, make wellness a priority and feel fit and strong for life. Realize the benefits these methods offer for improved living as I share my passion for movement with you.

Find your path of improved movement and learn to guide your body toward optimal health and strength.

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